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activate an iphone without a sim card

How to Activate an iPhone Without a Sim Card

To activate an iPhone without a SIM Card or Wi-Fi connection, it can be frustrating. Gladly, there are some solutions on how to Activation iPhone Without SIM Card. There are various ways available to do this. It does not matter for you too if you have no SIM Card or Wi-Fi connection since all the […]

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iphone won't charge

Things to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

In case that your iPhone won’t charge, it means you have to go with a new battery. The fact is, the iPhone’ battery is non-removable. You must pay the service to replace the battery, but there are some things to do if you do not want the expensive service. You had better try these things […]

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enable do not disturb mode on iphone

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone Easily

You never miss an alert with the help of Notification Center, but sometimes you just need ‘time me’ without having your phone vibrating and ringing. With Do Not Disturb Mode, your device collects all alerts so quietly. Anytime you are in a meeting, in a family time, at a romantic dinner, or a good night’s […]

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backup iphone to icloud

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud Securely

Many of us keep some important information on our smartphone, especially for iPhone users with the large internal storage available on this device. It can be photos, email addresses, and other business contacts. No one wants to lose that kind of information. However, what can you do if those things are gone just because your […]