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How to Backup iPhone to iCloud Securely

Many of us keep some important information on our smartphone, especially for iPhone users with the large internal storage available on this device. It can be photos, email addresses, and other business contacts. No one wants to lose that kind of information. However, what can you do if those things are gone just because your […]

How to Record a Voice Memo on iPhone

Sometimes you have to record the important things quickly, and you don’t bring the stationery at that time. You don’t need to worry because you can write them down quickly on a memo on your iPhone. Voice Memo on iPhone quickly make your task much easier and will do just a little bit faster. Today […]

How to Find lost iPhone Using Find My iPhone Apps

Have you ever lose your iPhone? When you lose your iPhone, you would be worried about the existing data on your iPhone. However, you can to prevent thieves from taking the current data on the iPhone or regain the lost iPhone. For those of you who have a lost iPhone, we will tell you how […]

How to Enable VPN on iPhone Using Simple Method

To people who use iPhone, VPN can be very useful for you. VPN a Virtual Private Network is a secure network, created over the public internet connection to enable the users hide their identity over the worldwideweb. Some websites are blocked in specific countries so by using VPN you can unblocked those websites. if you […]

How to Enable Touch ID and Passcode on Your iPhone

For users of the iPhone, maybe some of you choose to use Touch ID when you set up your iPhone. When you use Touch ID than on the Home button, home sensor Touch ID will certainly give you the option to use your fingerprint as verification of authorized access to get into your iPhone from […]

How to Adjust Keyboard Settings on iPhone

In most smartphones today, the format of the keyboard available already in format QWERTY keyboard. It is used as to facilitate any smartphone users to send messages. However, when we use this keyboard we often make mistakes in spelling words. To reduce the errors in the writing of the iPhone other than English, you also […]