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record a voice memo on iphone

How to Record a Voice Memo on iPhone

Sometimes you have to record the important things quickly, and you don’t bring the stationery at that time. You don’t need to worry because you can write them down quickly on a memo on your iPhone. Voice Memo on iPhone quickly make your task much easier and will do just a little bit faster. Today […]

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how to find lost iphone

How to Find lost iPhone Using Find My iPhone Apps

Have you ever lose your iPhone? When you lose your iPhone, you would be worried about the existing data on your iPhone. However, you can to prevent thieves from taking the current data on the iPhone or regain the lost iPhone. For those of you who have a lost iPhone, we will tell you how […]

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factory reset iphone

How to Factory Reset iPhone

Factory reset iPhone can help you to solve problems with your iPhone when it is crashing or maybe freezing, however it’s also everything that you will want to do if you need to erase your own iPhone data before selling it to change a new device. In case you want to selling your  iPhone, it’s […]

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create reminders on iphone

How to Create Reminders on iPhone Using Simple Steps

Are you often forgot the agenda that you have created before? If that true, there are applications that can remind you that the agenda you should do namely a Reminders feature. With Reminders, you can keep track of all of life’s to-dos—when and where you need to do them. The article below will guide you […]